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The Difference

Believers and non-believers in crisis, “how” they face it is The Difference

The Difference is Jesus...

At some point in life, every person on the planet will have to face one of life’s many dark hurdles. The dreaded question of “Why?” can overcome even the strongest in their faith. Why me? Why now? How does a Christian deal with an unplanned pregnancy, a runaway son or daughter, or an abusive or alcoholic spouse? There is a difference between how a believer and a non-believer get through a crisis.

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Hope at Midnight

May 1, 2020

Mother-Daughter duo, Becky Thompson and Susan Pitts, share their story of creating the Midnight Mom Devotional Facebook community which lead to the creation of their devotional, "Midnight Mom Devotional", where they share a year's worth of prayer to bring nightly hope and a sense of connection to mothers who feel alone.

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Give the Unborn a Chance at Life

Sanctuary of Hope is leading a movement to help single, teen moms and their children with long-term housing that emphasizes mercy over shame and offers counseling for emotional and spiritual healing for those who choose life for their baby whether they raise the child or take the option of adoption.

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Love and Redemption

Rob Koke, Senior Pastor of Shorline Church in Austin, TX, along with his Daughter, Danielle Koke-Germain share their family's gripping true story of Danielle's addiction and their journey toward healing. In their book, "Prodigal Daughter: A Family’s Brave Journey through Addiction and Recovery," Rob and Danielle disarm the shame factor, and share lessons and resources to prevent and overcome common setbacks of addiction.

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A Place of Power

Ryan and Julia Sadler, parents of triplets, and former reality stars from TLC's Rattled share their testimony of faith, prayer, and evangelism in the midst of heartache. Julia shares from her latest book, "Pray Big Things: The Surprising Life God Has for You When You’re Bold Enough to Ask," how their own bold prayers led to life-changing answers.

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Shift Into Intention

Pastors Rodney and Michelle Gage, of ReThink Life Church in Orlando, FL, share from their latest book, "Family Shift: The 5-Step Plan to Stop Drifting and Start Living with Greater Intention."

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Faith, Hope and Mindset

Addison Bevere, C.O.O. of Messenger International joins Matt and Kendal to discuss his first book, 'Saints: Becoming More Than "Christians."' In 'Saints', Addison uses scripture and stories from his own experience to make a compelling case that the life you desire is found in the mystery of this sacred identity.

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Reckless, Relentless, Redeemed

Ryan Ries, Co-Founder of 'The Whosoevers,' shares his testimony of how he overcame multiple addiction and temptation in exchange for a new life with Christ. Ryan now travels the world, speaking of the grace and mercy of God.

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The Power to Rise

Nona Jones, Director of faith-based relationships at Facebook, shares her journey from survival to success outlined in her memoirs, "Success from the Inside Out: Power to Rise from the Past to a Fulfilling Future.""

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